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Tokyo International Players is proud to announce our next Main Stage production: Speaking in Tongues, written by Andrew Bovell and directed by Kimie Mizuno! Performances will be at Nakano Pocket Theatre from February 23-26, 2017.


Two unacquainted married couples, each complacent and yearning for something more, seek out strangers with whom to betray their partners. Elsewhere, a man's past lover reappears, while another woman disappears--with a neighbor becoming the prime suspect. Speaking in Tongues is a nonlinear, three-part play that explores the intertwined lives of nine individuals. It's about contracts being broken between intimates, while deep bonds are forged between strangers. Written by Andrew Bovell, this play--winner of the 1997 Australian Writers' Guild AWGIE Stage Award--will take you on a journey to question the right and wrong of emotional conduct.


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Thank you for joining us for The Tragedy of Macbeth! Please find information about our next main stage show, Speaking in Tongues, here!

Free at Last

22 May 2016 Written by
Free At Last: Life Beyond the River

Presented by Tokyo International Players (TIP) Second Stage and Tokyo Artistic Theatre Ensemble (TaTe)

June 2-5, 2016
Ogikubo Showgekijo, Ogikubo
Unlocking the Chains of Fate! 
Tokyo International Players (TIP), in collaboration with Tokyo Artistic Theatre Ensemble (TaTe) is proud to present its next Second Stage production of 2016, Free at Last: Life Beyond the River, written and directed by Wendell T. Harrison. This play was written as a companion to TIP's Main Stage production of Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and was created using collected interviews from former American slaves. Tony Award-nominated set designer (Jersey Boys) Klara Zieglerova lends her incredible talent to create a world that bridges past and present.
Free at Last is an original play based on interviews from Born in Slavery, a collection of slave narratives that were obtained as a part of the Federal Workers Project in America from 1936 to 1938. Set in the modern era, but with scenes that evoke America's dark past, these stories are seen through the eyes of a Japanese television producer named Mieko who travels to America researching news reports. However―through monologues, theatrical movement, and the use of spirituals―Mieko not only gets an education on the institution of slavery but also begins the process of breaking free of her own cultural chains.
"As an African-American in Japan, I feel it's incredibly rare to see anything about my people," says writer/director Wendell T. Harrison, "There's nothing denoting our struggles and triumphs in America. Slavery is glossed over at best in schools, and even the Japanese word for slave carries no strong connotation in this country, which never experienced outright slavery. I definitely don't think that is a problem, but rather a missed cultural opportunity."
For more info about the creation of the show, check out Harrison's interview in The Japan Times.
Free At Last is a bilingual production, utilising both Japanese and English subtitles.
The cast includes TIP veterans Asuka Sorimachi, Gini Benson, Ra'Chelni M. Weir II, Sachi Tanaka, Jack Freeman and Amber Richardson and features newcomers Elizabeth Perkins, Drew Stahl-David and Cody Kuroda of Watanabe Productions.

Show Times:

June 2 (Thurs) 7:00pm
June 3 (Fri) 7:00pm
June 4 (Sat) 1:00pm & 7:00pm
June 5 (Sun) 3:00pm



Advance reserved tickets: 3,000 yen
Tickets at the door: 3,500 yen

Student tickets: 2,500 yen


(For a group discount on 10 or more students, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


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3-47-18 Ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo



About the creative team

Writer and director Wendell T. Harrison hails from the United States (Louisiana) and has made Japan his home for seven years. Throughout that time, he has worked extensively with Tokyo International Players as an actor and director (Romeo and Juliet, No Exit, Disney's Mulan, Jr., Disney's Peter Pan Jr., and The Music Man Jr.) before founding Tokyo Artistic Theatre Ensemble with Romeo and Juliet producer Goshi Shirakawa.
Set Designer Klara Zieglerova has been designing for theatre in the United States and in Europe. Her work has been seen on Broadway in Sister Act, The Farnsworth Invention, Jersey Boys and The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life. In London’s West End she designed Sister Act at the London Palladium and Jersey Boys at the Prince Edward's Theatre. Klara received a Tony Award nomination for her design of Jersey Boys.
Tokyo Artistic Theatre Ensemble was created in 2014 as a way to provide resources that help artists produce new work as well as promote artistic collaboration in Tokyo and abroad.
14 Dec 2015 Written by

Acclaimed New York Director comes to Tokyo to direct

The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?
Presented by Neptune Theatre Company &
Tokyo International Players (TIP) Second Stage
January 21-24, 2016


@ Trance Mission Theater

Neptune Theatre Company and TIP Second Stage welcome New York Director Ross Williams, Artistic Director of NY Shakespeare Exchange and Executive Producer of The Sonnet Project, as Director of The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? winner of the 2002 Tony award for Best Play. Edward Albee's tragicomedy will also feature special guest Scenic Designer Klara Zieglerova (TONY nominated for Jersey Boys on Broadway) who will bring to life the physical world of the play.

The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?  is the tale of an architect, Martin, his wife Stevie, and their son Billy, whose lives crumble when Martin has an extramarital affair. By showing a family in crisis, Albee challenges the audience to question their own moral judgment and taboos. Ed Gilmartin, Julie Sweum, Ian Martin, and Martin Leroux star in this tragicomedy about love, power and relationships. The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?  focuses on adult themes; no one under 15 will be admitted into the theater. 


DIRECTOR: Ross Williams
STARRING: Ed Gilmartin, Julie Sweum, Ian Martin, and Martin Leroux.
SCENIC DESIGNER: Klara Zieglerova


Show Times:

Jan 21 (Thurs) 7:30pm
Jan 22nd (Fri) 7:30pm
Jan 23rd (Sat) 1:30pm & 7:30pm
Jan 24th (Sun) 1:30pm & 7:30pm



Early bird tickets: 3500 yen / paid before December 15 (including one drink)
Regular tickets: 4000 yen / after Dec 15 (including one drink)
To reserve and pay for tickets by credit card or pay pal, go to
To reserve and pay in cash at the door visit:



Sangubashi Guest house B1,Yoyogi 4-50-8, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Closest station: Sangubashi, Odakyu line
Map and link to theater site

Trance Mission has a fully stocked bar

Arrive early and enjoy the original cocktail based on the show!


Ross Williams (Director) founded New York Shakespeare Exchange as a vehicle for engaging new audiences with classical theater. He is a director, teacher and performer committed to the development of highly theatrical work. Ross is also the Executive Producer of The Sonnet Project. He has also spent many summers in Holland, Michigan working with Hope Summer Repertory Theater directing numerous children's theater productions including Charles Ludlam's The Enchanted Pig and a Kabuki re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling.

Klara Zieglerova (Scenic Designer) has been designing for theatre in the United States and in Europe. Her work has been seen on Broadway in Sister Act, The Farnsworth Invention, Jersey Boys and The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life. In London’s West End she designed Sister Act at the London Palladium and Jersey Boys at the Prince Edward's Theatre. Klara received a Tony Award nomination for her design of Jersey Boys.

About the Neptune Theatre Company
Neptune Theatre Company was created by two theatre artists to develop projects. In 2013 Neptune produced Tokyo Arts Week: a two-week festival of theatre, burlesque and music.


31 Aug 2015 Written by

Travel down the Banks of the Mississippi River in this Award winning Musical “Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” based on Mark Twain's classic novel.  Music and Lyrics by Roger Miller, Book by William Hauptman.  Directed by Hannah Grace.



Huck Finn's life used to be simple. He slept outdoors wherever he liked, went fishing when he was hungry, never went to school, and felt pretty satisfied so long as his drunken father Pap Finn wasn't around.  But when he and his best friend Tom Sawyer find gold treasure, things get a lot more complicated.  First the wealthy Widow Douglas decides to adopt and "civilize" Huck. Then Pap returns demanding the treasure!  Tired of being fought over Huck runs away to Jackson's Island, where he's surprised to find another runaway: The Widow Douglas's slave, Jim.  Even though it's against the law to help a runaway slave, Huck promises to help Jim escape down the Mississippi River to the mouth of the Ohio and then to freedom.

So begins one of the greatest classics of American Literature brought to life with the music of the American South, including folk, country, and gospel!  With a wild and varied cast of characters including, Huck and Jim, Tom Sawyer, The Widow Douglas and Miss Watson, the conniving King and Duke, and the lovely Mary Jane, Mark Twain's book comes alive in this exciting, hilarious, and heartfelt production.



Showing at Theatre Sun-mall in Shinjuku, May 19-22, 2016



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This production contains historical depictions of slavery and racist language.

31 Aug 2015 Written by

How do you say love?

Tokyo International Players is proud to present the Japan premiere of THE LANGUAGE ARCHIVE by Julia Cho, directed by Brian Berdanier.

George is a man consumed with preserving and documenting the dying languages of far-flung cultures. Closer to home, language is failing him. He doesn't know what to say to his wife to keep her from leaving and he doesn't recognize the deep feelings that his lab assistant has for him. To top it off, he is losing his chance to save a particularly rare language when its last two native speakers refuse to speak to each other.

Winner of the 2009-2010 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, THE LANGUAGE ARCHIVE is a quirky, but stunningly well-written story of love, language, and everything in between. At Nakano Pocket Square (The Pocket), February 25-28, 2016.

31 Aug 2015 Written by

TIP is proud to present its spectacular 119th season opener, RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW. Book, music, and song texts by Richard O’Brien, directed by Jonah Hagans. 


The world's favourite rock 'n roll musical is turning 40 - Happy Birthday, Rocky! It could be the best birthday party Tokyo has ever seen. This iconic production will run for six shows over Halloween weekend. Featuring well-known and crowd-pleasing tunes such as “The Time Warp” and “Sweet Transvestite,” it has been winning rave reviews for 40 years. Flirty, fun and fabulous!


In the coveted role of Frank "N" Furter is local star Phil McQueen. The cast also comprises Ilana Laborene and Sal Randazzo as Janet and Brad, Grant Johnson as Riff Raff, Shayna Magnuson as Magenta, Gini Benson as Columbia, Andrew Martinez as Eddie, Chris Lamatsch as Dr. Scott, and Takashi Russell Nakagome as Rocky. The director of the show, Jonah Hagans, will play the role of the Narrator (and we bet there will be plenty of people who will want to come just to heckle him!). Completing the cast are Barbara Capilos, Charles Lent, Saya Suetsugu, and Ra'Chelni M. "Ra" Weir II. 



For mature audiences only. Audience participation and costumes are encouraged. Enter a lottery after purchasing your tickets to win a chance to dance on stage as a party guest! 


Tickets on sale now - Get them before madness takes its toll!


21 May 2014 Written by


Auditions for our March 2018 main stage production, William Shakespeare's The Two Gentlemen of Verona, will take place this fall. Please check back in September 2017 for more details!



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