Meet the Cast of Hand to God: Ilana Labourene

February 12, 2019

Behind the scenes with the HAND TO GOD cast: Ilana Labourene shares insights into her character, the show and process.


Tell us about the character you are playing.

ILANA: Margery. Grief-stricken and unstable, shes trying to navigate through life after a traumatic loss, but doesn't know how to connect to her son, OR herself. When too many pressures pile up, she seeks a way to let it all out, and it's rather shocking.


What are some challenges you face with your role?

ILANA: This is an incredibly challenging role. Firstly, the character has experienced things in her life which I have never experienced, so it's not easy to tap into her state of mind. Additionally, she is a character with many layers, and aside from Jason, carries the emotional weight of the show.



What does Tyrone embody to you?

ILANA: Tyrone is the bad voice inside all of us. It's the voice that we hear in our head that we all (usually) fight to keep silent, the voice that is cruel, impolite, and yet completely honest.

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