Meet the Cast of Hand to God: Ian Martin

February 18, 2019

Behind the scenes with HAND TO GOD cast: Ian Martin discusses his character, the challenges of the role and why he auditioned for HAND TO GOD.

Tell us about the character you are playing.

IAN: I'm playing Pastor Gregg, who runs a small church in West Texas. He's a well-intentioned man with a sincere faith, but ultimately just as human ("flawed"!) as any other character in the show.


What made you interested in auditioning for this show?

IAN: I had heard that the script was a right zinger, and I was excited to try something outside my comfort zone.


What are some challenges you face with your role?

IAN: The main challenge has been (and continues to be) finding internal authenticity and ease in playing a character from an unfamiliar culture, without resorting to caricature. Playing Pastor Gregg in rehearsals has often felt like wearing a jacket that just won't fit, but I've been enjoying the search!

What does Tyrone embody to you?

IAN: He's a bit of a punk Darth Vader with teeth. He says all the things we get taught not to say before we're able to figure out why not to say them.



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Meet the Cast of Hand to God: Ian Martin

February 18, 2019

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