THANK YOU for joining us for this TIP Premiere!

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Brian Berdanier


March 1-4, 2018

Theater BonBon, Nakano

Is all really fair in love?


Tokyo International Players is proud to present THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, Shakespeare’s bold investigation of friendship, faithfulness, and fickleness. The tale takes us first to provincial Verona, where Proteus is head over heels for his hometown sweetheart, Julia. But then he’s sent to complete his education in Milan, where he meets the gorgeous Silvia . . . and dumps Julia without a second thought. Two complications: Silvia is already betrothed to his best friend, and Julia refuses to be dumped so easily! Add a band of wild forest outlaws, a furious father, and a disobedient dog for this wildly frothy tale of amorous rivals and devilish duplicity. Our slick, streamlined production of Shakespeare’s early comedy—with plot twists that echo later plays—mirrors Elizabethan tradition by featuring an all-female cast.





Proteus - Sarah-Louise Macdonald

Valentine - Rian Zeleny

Julia - Shayna Magnuson

Silvia - Kristen Watts

Duke - Ann Jenkins

Lance - Jenae Johnson

Speed - Brie Dombrowski

Lucetta/Host - Leela McMullen

Thurio - Alyssa Wittrock

Antonio/Ursula/Ensemble - Julie Sweum

Pantino/Eglamour - Louise Heal Kawai

Ensemble - Kailey Agpaoa, Laura D’Eramo, Kimie Mizuno, Asuka Sorimachi