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Beauty and the Beast

Written by Laurence Boswell

Music by Mick Sands

Directed by Karen Pauley​​

A magical re-telling of the story of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, first performed in this version by the Royal Shakespeare Company. When Beauty's father hears that his long-lost ship packed with pearls has landed safely in harbor, he sets out on a long, difficult journey to claim his fortune and rescue his family from poverty. But when he stumbles across a magical world belonging to a fearsome beast and picks a rose as a present for his favorite daughter, the family find themselves in a nightmarish predicament from which only Beauty can rescue them… This timeless tale of the true nature of beauty and the transformational power of love is brought to glorious life in Laurence Boswell's thrilling and inventive adaptation, which draws on the origins of the tale in French folklore and is filled with music, dance, and song.

ロイヤル・シェイクスピア・カンパニーが初演した「美女と野獣」の物語を、魔法のように再演。 ビューティの父親は、長らく消息を絶っていた船が真珠を積んで無事に帰港したと聞き、自分も財を成して家族を貧乏な暮らしから救おうと、長く危険な旅に出ます。しかし、恐ろしい野獣が住む魔法の世界に偶然足を踏み入れ、愛する娘へのプレゼントにバラを選んだことから、一家は悪夢のような苦境に立たされることに...。父親を救えるのはビューティだけ。ローレンス・ボズウェルのスリリングで独創的な脚色が、美の本質と愛の変容の力を描いた不朽の名作に新たな命を吹き込みました。フランス民話を発祥とする原作を、音楽、ダンス、歌で彩ります。

Program BG-100.jpg