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Refund/Cancellation Policy

You may request a full refund or exchange on any ticket purchase by notifying us in writing before 11:59pm on the Sunday prior to the opening performance; we regret that we are unable to process any requests for refunds or exchanges after this deadline. All refunds/exchanges will be processed via your selected purchase method, with any and all cancellation fees to be borne by the purchaser. Please contact for refunds/cancellations.

Transfers of ticket purchases are only permitted if both parties (original purchaser and transferee) contact in advance. We regret that we are unable to process ticket transfers without prior notification.


チケットの譲渡は、チケットの当初購入者と譲受人の双方が事前にBox Office(にメールにて事前連絡した場合にのみ許可されます。事前のご連絡がない場合、チケットの譲渡はお受けできませんのでご了承ください。

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