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Welcome to the official TIP Youth webpage.


Reservations have finished for the current season.


However, there are plans for short-term workshops in the near future.


Please follow this page to keep up to date, or visit our Facebook page:





Thank you!


Please note that this is an English speaking program and we are unable to provide support for students in Japanese. All students are expected to be fluent or near-native speakers of English as a minimum requirement. Concerns about language ability may be discussed with the directors at orientation.



During class, workshops are given on topics such as foundation, core, voice, movement, and much more. Students will learn a new glossary of vocabulary associated with acting and the theatre. They will develop public speaking skills and learn ways to handle self-consciousness and take pride in team achievements. TIP Youth offers students a supportive environment to experiment, try new things, make mistakes, and improve in multiple areas of development. Through hard work, combined with rehearsals and other fun activities, they will create a fantastic online show that many others can enjoy. Students learn that it is the process as much as the end result that is important. 



If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at




How do you choose students on TIP youth class?

It is first come, first served - and then we will categorize ages how your children will fit in the program.



How many students are in each class?

We can accommodate around 10 students each in classes.



Where is the reservation link?  There is no place to click.

The registration form is not available online until the reservation day.




What do I do on reservation form?

The online registration form only requires very basic information such as name, email address, child’s birthday, parent/guardian’s name, phone number, etc.  It is a very simple form, nothing complicated.



How do I do payment?

We will send out bank transfer information by email.

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