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Patrons and Donors

The last few years have been difficult for theater companies all around the world. TIP is grateful for support from patrons who have helped keep the organization afloat during these tough times. If you would like to add your name to the list, please visit our donation page today!

Patrons and Donors 2021-2024

Honorary Lifetime Patrons

Yoshi Allan

Fran & Don Dillon

Malcolm Duff

Susan Inman

Miranda Kenrick

Barbara Knode

Karen Sieg

Ivan Woodhouse

Gifts of ¥100,000 or more

Bob & Wendy Macdonald

Jeannette Ohmae

Michelle Wagley

Gifts of ¥10,000 to ¥99,000


Brian Berdanier
Jim & LaJuana Berdanier
Laura Bray Nakano
Joanna Chinen
Sylvie De Repentigny
Atsushi Ebuchi
Friends of Kate Prior
Nicolas Gregoriades

Kelly Haavaldsrud

Yuko Kasai

Steve & Sharon Knode
Takeshi Mayama
Maya Mori
Benjamin Porter
Saya Suetsugu

Rhonda Tezuka
TIP Youth
Michael Wagner
Rika Wakasugi
Mayuka Wake
Jeremy White
Sharon Yamakawa

...and generous audience members of I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE in October 2023

Gifts up to ¥9999 


Ursula Bartlett

Davide Capretta

Hugo Delacharlery

Ann Endo

Janet Fuentes

Dale Geyer

Irmgard Gregoriades

Scott Hernalsteen

Kazuko Inoue

Annis Miwa

Paul Pasion

Kenneth Sell

Patricia Wagner

Rachel Walzer

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