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Thank you for attending Cozy Reads!

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

The event has concluded. Thank you to all who attended! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

COZY READS: CHAPTER 2 is the latest installment of our highly successful online play reading festival. Featuring short plays by Jessie Berman, Armelle Lajus, Alex Ohannessian, Alex Page, and Carlos Quiapo; directed by Brian Berdanier, Nadia Dayan, Lizzie Howard, and Karen Pauley.

Each evening will showcase different plays performed by Tokyo-based actors and include a live Q&A with the artists. Online via Zoom, Saturday May 22nd and Saturday, May 29th at 6:30pm. Tickets are 1500 yen for one night, 2500 yen for both nights. Please visit our box office to purchase your tickets!

Our two night programming is as follows:

May 22nd 6:30PM

Charitable Thoughts by Alexander Page.

A chain-smoking matriarch trains a new employee at her charity shop, which turns out to deal in much darker affairs.

Directed by Lizzie Howard. Cast: Faye Sheffield and Karen Pauley

Recess by Armelle Lajus

A troubled woman tries to deal with the voices inside her head, who may or not represent ghosts from her past.

Directed by Karen Pauley. Cast: Nicolas Gregoriades, Lizzie Howard, Ian Martin, Lise Hirooka

WIG WOO U by Alex Ohannessian

Two guys from the ad agency in Purgatory have to sell a campaign to God in order to get to Heaven.

Directed by Nadia Dayan. Cast: Georgia Ryder, Xander Coleman, Alexander Page, Tim Jeffares

Dragon Wings by Armelle Lajus

A female koi battling to complete a legendary task and win a prize from the gods nearly gets mansplained out of her glorious destiny.

Directed by Karen Pauley. Cast: Nicolas Gregoriades, Kate Prior, Ben Porter

May 29th 6:30PM

In Medias Res by Carlos Quiapo

A couple on the brink of a major life change... and in its bittersweet aftermath.

Directed by: Brian Berdanier. Cast: Zack Kobayashi and Julius Fuentes

Pixar But It’s All A Bit Stressful by Jessie Berman.

A woman battles with the voices inside her own head in an attempt to overcome past trauma and perhaps find herself.

Directed by Karen Pauley. Cast: Kristen Watts, Sarah Macdonald, Nicole Rodgers, Kimie Mizuno, Alessandra Leopardi, Anna Rosengren

Dr. Sebastian's Office for Therapy and the Chasing of Small Mammals by Alexander Page

A woman meets a mysterious stranger and her rambunctious dog, who convinces her to talk to a therapist about an unresolved question from her past.

Directed by: Brian Berdanier. Cast: Lizzie Howard, Rian Zeleny, Saya Suetsugu, Grant Johnson

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the organizers directly, at

We hope to see you there!


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