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This workshop has concluded. Thank you for your attendance and support!

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Have you ever experienced a musical and been in awe of the voices resonating from the stage? Interested in learning about and practicing some of the techniques used by the talented performers in TIP and around the world? Join us this July for a special 2-day workshop on vocal techniques for musical theatre with Tokyo International Players veteran, Karen Pauley!

Musical theatre covers a wide range of singing styles, from classical to contemporary musical influences, and many singers are now expected to be competent in multiple styles. This requires flexible training and an understanding of a number of different vocal qualities and techniques. During the workshop we will look at some of these different styles including legit, belt, and mix and give you the opportunity to work on one musical theatre song of your own choosing.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to musical theatre genres

  • What is legit, mix, and belt?

  • Vocal Registers

  • Legato / Speech style singing

  • Vibrato / Straight Tone

  • Onsets / Offsets / Falloffs

When: Saturday, July 17th 1pm-4pm & July 24th 1pm-5pm (JST)

Where: Zoom meeting

Materials needed: A device on which you can access Zoom. A musical theatre song that you want to work on. You can sing the song a cappella or play a backing track.

Sign up: HERE!

Payment: ¥2000

About the Instructor: Karen has been singing for most of her life, has studied classical and contemporary styles, and has an Advanced Professional Diploma in Teaching Contemporary Singing. She is vocal director for TIP Youth, has been vocal director for five TIP shows, and also works with Tokyo Theatre for Children.


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