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Thank you for coming to Spring Awakening!

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

This alternative rock musical, based on the controversial 1891 play by Frank Wedekind, tells the story of a group of teenagers in 19th-century Germany, discovering and trying to process their newfound desires. The show won both the Tony Award and Olivier Award for Best Musical. Duncan Sheik (music) and Steven Sater (lyrics/book) have won both Tony Awards and a Grammy for their score and cast album.


Melchior Carlos Quiapo

Martha Demi Miyazawa

Thea Erika Sato         

Adult Man Evan Spreen        

Moritz Ferth Manaysay

Hanschen Julius Fuentes

Wendla Kailey Agpaoa

Anna Mayu Takizawa

Ernst Michael Kemp

Ilse Mikaila Briggs

Female Swing Nicole Rodgers

Otto Patrick Issac        

Adult Woman Rian Zeleny         

Georg Tom Harwood

Male Swing Zack Kobayashi


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